How Much Do Technical Writers Make?

How Much Do Technical Writers Make?

If you want to get into this field, you may be wondering: how much do technical writers make? While the answer varies between different states, technical writers tend to earn a good salary in California, Florida, and Utah. Salary ranges are determined by several factors including education, experience, and bonuses. Read on to learn more about technical writing salaries. To determine your worth and how much you should expect to earn in this field, consider the factors that are listed below.

Salary range

Salary range for technical writers can vary from person to person, depending on their experience and location. Technical writers are full-time employees who develop and communicate technical information for a variety of organizations. These professionals typically communicate with designers, production workers, and manufacturers. While salaries can vary widely, a technical writer’s compensation typically depends on their location and the company’s financial needs. Here are some tips on how to determine the average salary for a technical writer.

Living expenses are also a factor in determining the average salary for a technical writer. The national median salary for technical writers is A$99,661 annually. The average cost of living in Australia is 7 percent higher than the U.S., with Sydney and Perth ranking as the 34th and 71st most expensive cities, respectively. In New Zealand, the average salary for technical writers is NZ$84,000, which is close to the national average.


As a technical writer, you might also receive bonuses for a certain job role. Some companies offer performance bonuses and some even have profit sharing plans. These are based on your performance throughout the year. Bonuses for technical writers vary widely, so it is best to check with the company to determine what their bonus policies are. Here are some tips to maximize your earnings as a technical writer. Read on to discover more about your bonus options!

Technical writers can specialize in a variety of industries. There are numerous startup companies that need technical writers. They can also work as freelancers or as a part-time employee. There are many reasons to become a technical writer, including increased pay and the chance to work from home. A growing number of companies are hiring technical writers, so you can take advantage of the growing need for qualified technical copywriters. The job outlook for technical writers is positive, with the profession projected to grow 7% between now and 2029.


Technical writers earn around $5,856 per month, which means they can take home up to 42% of their pay. In addition, they contribute nearly four percent of their take-home pay to rent. And, since technical writing requires specialized training and experience, salaries for technical writers tend to be higher than those of other professional fields. While some technical writers must commute to their workplace, a growing number of companies are allowing remote employees to work from home.

There are two types of technical writing. The first type is end-user documentation, while the second is highly technical and is written for engineers and software developers. End-user documentation includes user guides and cooking recipes. On the other hand, engineering-related documents include user instructions, legal documents, research summaries, and user manuals. The latter includes legal documents and online help sections. While end-user documentation generally is aimed at the public, technical writing can also be found in blogs.


Many technical writers earn more than the average person. But the question remains, how much do these professionals make? This article looks at salaries for technical writers and what factors influence their pay. The average monthly take home pay for technical writers is $5,856, and they typically pay 42.8% of their salary towards rent. What’s more, many technical writers can expect bonuses for their performance as well as a generous annual bonus. Listed below are some salary estimates for technical writers in various job titles.

The average salary for technical writers varies by location, with those in the eastern and western U.S. making between $67,670 and $82,780 annually. Those in the plains, however, make the least, earning anywhere from $37,570 to $54,640 annually. In addition to salary, technical writers should consider the industry in which they work to determine their salary. Some technical writers may make more than $100k a year, but they don’t live in poverty.

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