by Carrol Wolverton

Cross J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye” with Eudora Welty’s sharp insight into the dynamics of Southern family life and the result would be Carol Wolverton’s stunning novel, “Freud in St. Augustine.”
                     - from the St. Augustine Record

She knew he was cheating, but she couldn’t accept the idea. Not JoJo, she had the perfect, wonderful, fairy-tale marriage and two great little kids. It wasn’t supposed to be this way at all, but it is, and she’s left with a pack of bad promises and two children to support. She flees in the night and spends the early dawn breathing cold sea on the Tybee Island of her youth. As reality soaks through along with cold salt and sea, she realizes she’s left the kids with a too. Worse, the convenience store clerk where she stops to use the phone because her cell is dead thinks she a prostitute.

JoJo makes her share of mistakes, but she does survive. Follow with her on her bumpy learning curve to a new life and a new career.

Based in a fictional setting in the Wekiva River Basin in Orlando, the proverbial abandoned and broke woman makes her way from her emptying shell of a suburban monolith into a real, income-producing life as a real estate agent. Carrol sold real estate for eight years in the Indianapolis area giving her background information for the book. Her husband, Lee, sold in Florida, providing her knowledge of Florida practices.

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Retired? Divorced? Medical expenses? On a fixed income?

Living Cheap & Loving It for Seniors

Living Cheap for Seniors

Living cheaply for

Boston Basement Kindle edition is available for 99 cents on It’s the tale of a long unsolved murder mystery and is full of Boston lore and history. It also speaks volumes about injustice and the treatment of all peoples.


Raylaina, the story of a teen with an abusive boyfriend.

The setting is Southern. The old Cracker farmhouse leaks, rattles, and sags but supports Raylaina, her brother, their single parent mama - and most of the old farm's remaining critters. The surrounding newer subdivision mocks the long-ago prosperity that once provided chickens and eggs for much of the area. Ray seeks adulthood, a better life, and the education to provide that better life.
Mesmerized by the good looks of the young man who moves in across the street, she and friend Kimmy set about to meet him. They immediately learn these are different folk. When Ray does meet him, the attraction is instant and mutual. Soon enough, in subtle ways, his conflicting behaviors puzzle her, but she is hooked but good. Becoming adult is uncomfortable and difficult. Even though she knows what to do, her conflicted emotions scream otherwise. Usually this story is told after the fact. Here you watch it happening.

Boston Basement

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A dirty family secret mystery in the wonderful setting of Boston’s Back Bay.

Marcea is eight when she is dropped off at her Aunt Claralyn’s Back Bay basement apartment. Her mother is dead and her brothers are sent to an aunt and uncle. Her father throws her belongings over the fence at Aunt Claralyn’s apartment, and she jumps back, fearing he might throw her over the fence as well. No one can ever quite tell what he’s going to do. He’s the core of the unspoken tragedies that shroud and haunt the Molnario family. Marcea grows up to ignore the advice of those who know and faces incredible challenges in the process.

Boston Basement

Method Weight Management 2: How Not To Be A Fat Cat

'Diet' is a four- letter word.
Revised and Updated

Details at length the personal method developed by Carrol that lead to permanent weight control.  It's better, and easier than you think, to make permanent, healthy changes, one at a time.

Sex, Lies & Real Estate

"Living Cheap & Loving It, tomatoes in the flower bed"

Reduce living costs.                                 Get rid of  debt load.

Tired of having no money? Paycheck spent before you ever show up for work? Drive a car that will never be paid off? Creditors after you? Dread getting the mail? Lots of bad self-defeating habits? Is this any way to live?

Instead of the culture of thrift we inherited, Americans have drifted into a culture of debt. Turn it around. Change the way you look at money and life. Change your spending habits. Change how you live. Chip away at that mountain of debt. Change your attitude. Greed is not good; greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

Articles abound about cutting costs and reducing bills. Many are written by people who don’t do it. Written by a life-long frugalist, this question and answer book talks about changing the way you do things to the old fashioned, sane ways of our parents and grandparents.

 Change the way you do things. Change how and where and when you shop.

Make your own laundry soap for pennies. Make your own household cleaners.

Make your own healthy bread. Make your own granola cereal to die for. Recycle and reuse everything you can think of. Waste nothing. Get rid of all junk, particularly junk food.

Pay cash. Budget your money. Use your lone credit card carefully. Pay off the total each month.

Can’t be done? Yes, it can. Fast reading and concise, this little book will make a big difference in your life – even if you change only one item. If you pay attention, you will find yourself referring to it over and over.

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Carrol Wolverton

Carrol Wolverton is the author of several novels and self-help books. She is currently promoting four books.


Boston Basement is her most recent re-release and is available as a Kindle download for 99 cents on It’s the tale of a long unsolved murder mystery and is full of Boston lore and history. It also speaks volumes about injustice and the treatment of all peoples.


Raylaina is her one young adult novel and is the story of a teen with an abusive boyfriend. To a young, inexperienced, Southern girl, Daren is everything a young woman could want. Unfortunately, there is a great deal more, and not all of it good.


Method Weight Management, A Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss details her transition from an overweight world to one of controlled, healthy weight. She recommends changes one at a time until reaching your desired weight. This is her journey, and she recommends it as yours, in your own way, as well.


Living Cheap & Loving It, Tomatoes in the Flowerbed covers a life of frugal living. Discussed is everything from making your own excellent laundry soap to investing and buying vehicles. She recommends reusing, recycling, and reselling most everything you own or acquire.


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I'm very happy to pitch two books written by my friend,  Jill Vanderwood. Through The Rug is a wonderfully imaginative children's book about a little girl and her grandmother falling through the rug into a land where all wishes are granted.

And What's it like Living Green, a book to which I am proud to say I contributed, has won The National Book Award in the Green Category.