Researching Admissions to Non-US Universities: Tips from the National Association of College Admissions Counseling

For a point of reference on the bigger-picture questions, read our How to Develop a Great College List when Applying to Schools Outside the U.S. as you map out—yes, literally map out—your options. (Fun fact: we often open a map as we research schools!).

For each country in the NACAC Guide, you will find insightful information including: background information on higher education in the country, an overview of the undergraduate degree programs offered, academic calendar, useful websites, application guidelines, deadlines, application fees, admission requirements, documents required after acceptance, tuition and fees, housing, visa and other permits, work eligibility, and advice from experienced counselors. 

In other words, you’ll get a great foundation to explore options for your undergraduate degree.

Our own helpful guide expands on some of the countries in the NACAC guide with specific universities, as well as other fantastic locations, such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, India, and Malaysia. What’s even better news? Many of the universities within these countries cost 10,000 USD/year total. That’s right: tuition and living expenses included. Intrigued? Check out Schools That are Actually Cheap: Affordable Options Under 10,000 USD/Year

Happy reading and researching!

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