Joel L. Young

Joel Young has a way with words like no other wordsmith I have ever known. This multi award winning poet takes your heart and soul to places you have never dreamed of. What a fantastic, powerful poet!

 - Caryn M. Day, President, POW! - Promoting Outstanding Writers

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Published:  American Lyricon: A Poet Sings of America (print 2nd edition) SynergEbooks.

 Notes from the War Torn is now published.

 Notes from the War Torn


Early Warnings 3
Ancient Warnings (Butterflies of Gray) 4
Che Guevera Freestanding on a Cuban Street 5
Dunes 6
A Prophet's Archaeology (3/01) 7
The Merchant 8
Into the Pitch 9
The Silk of Kites 10
"Lions & Lambs" Haibun 11
The Sorcerer Sleeps No More 13
Keys to the Kingdom 14
Back in Canaan (10/02) 15
Clouds and the Day After 16
Clouds - The Day After (9/12/01) 17
Life of an Ambulance Driver 19
Anthem 20

English Sonnet (for the people of London) 21
Open City 22
Fun House on Harrow Boulevard 24
Young Coda 26
How Many More Towers (Chill) 27
Lessen Your Day 28
American Autumn 29
In the Cold Fresh Rain of Mirth 30
Midnight in Iraq 32
Soldiers March Through the Fields 33
Midnight In Iraq (Life in the Shadows) 34
Pieces of War 35
Pale Horses 36
For the Boys Back Home 37
Unknown Soldier 38
Playing Shepherd 39
The Plaque Years 40
Victory Garden 42
Profits of Peace 44
Notes from the War - Torn 45
Spurious (Calling the Game) 47
City in the Sun 49
The Prayer of St. John 51
How a Child Wrote of Peace 52
To a Conscientious Objector 53
Kipot (Wailing for Humanity) 54
Colossus' Regeneration 55
Joshua's Psalm 56
Ranks of White Stones Grow 57
Bones (for a family friend) 58
Anno del futoro 59
About the Author 60
Bibliography of Titles 61